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ARISUN Showcases Truck Tires at MATS 2024
Mar 25 , 2024


Louisville, March 23rd - ARISUN presented its latest truck tires at the 2024 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), held from March 21-23 in Louisville, Kentucky. The brand featured a wide range of commercial tire products designed to cater to the diverse needs of commercial fleets, truck OEMs, and independent operators. 

ARISUN, with a strong focus on the North American market, presented their premium truck tires engineered for exceptional performance, mileage, and safety in challenging conditions.

ARISUN AW788: All Season tire with 3PMF mark for unmatched traction and safety in severe winter conditions 

ARISUN AL373: Drive tire for outstanding traction and durability in on sand and mud surface

ARISUN AS673: Steer/Trailer tire for durability and fuel efficiency, ideal for regional hauls, SmartWay-verified

ARISUN AT501: Trailer tire with high strength and durability for heavy-duty applications

“We’re thrilled to once again participate at MATS and have the opportunity to showcase our commercial tire products that ensures innovation, quality and customer satisfaction,” said ZC Rubber.

The company also emphasized its ongoing research and development (R&D) efforts aimed at delivering tailored service solutions. “Our strong presence at MATS 2024 reflects our commitment to advancing R&D and customizing our services to meet the evolving needs of fleets and truck OEMs,” stated ZC Rubber.

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