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Arisun AD759 has achieved SmartWay certification
May 28 , 2017

U.S—ZC Rubber’ Arisun AD759 has received SmartWay certification from the U.S. Environmental U.S. Protection Agency.

Arisun is a tire brand by ZC Rubber targeting U.S market and only focuses on the TBR tires for trucks and trailers. Arisun AD759, launched in 2016, is drive position tire in long haul application. The tire has a solid close shoulder, now is SmartWay verified, 30/32nd tread depth and three deep grooves to improve even wear and evacuate water efficiently for traction. Also strong casing resists cuts and punctures for enhanced toughness and long casing life.

The SmartWay verified tire is made with a low-rolling resistance compound to improve fuel economy. According to the test result, Arisun AD759 is 5.3% lower than the limited rolling resistance of SmartWay,and much more help to save the fuel and protect the environment. 

Available in the sizes 11R22.5,295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24.5, AD759 is designed for the high-mileage demands. “The SmartWay-approved Arisun AD759 is in high demand in the U.S market and provides the fuel economy for all the customers. We may add new sizes of AD759 as per the market demand.” The company says.

After USITC released that no anti-dumping penalties for Chinese tires in U.S as well as the new infrastructure investment by Donald Trump, ZC Rubber is moving ahead with the expansion plan for TBR market and is growing its presence in the North American market. “Arisun tire will play an important role on the U.S market and more premium products and sizes will be launched for the local customers.”

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