A Company Established in Year 1958

ZC Rubber Won Second Prize at 2021 Global Internet Competition of "Straight to Wuzhen"
On September 28, 2021, Zhongce Rubber Group (ZC Rubber) won the second prize of the 2021 Global Internet Competition of "Straight to Wuzhen" with its project ZC Rubber - 5G + Smart Collaborative Digital Factory.ZC Rubber uses 5G technology to promote data network platform innovation and data-driven production process reengineering. It will enhance the core compet...
Oct 12 , 2021
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ZC Rubber Ranks Top 9 Global Tire Company in 2021
ZC Rubber (Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.) is ranking back ninth in 2021 global tire companies released by Tire Business, improving from the tenth place a year ago.According to Tire Business’s ranking based on the revenue, ZC Rubber's global sales in 2020 reached 3.8962 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year, making it the ninth largest tire manufacture...
Sep 01 , 2021
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ZC Rubber Focuses on Innovation and Growth at Global Online Dealer Conference
ZC Rubber hosted its first Global Online Dealer Conference on March 19, 2021, with the theme "Innovate into The Great Future."The conference gave a series of speeches outlining the company's strategic vision and plans for continued growth in 2021 and introduced its latest products, technologies, and services to provide distributors and customers with resource...
May 23 , 2021
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Arisun Tires Launching Online VR Showroom
Arisun Tires is launching an online VR Showroom for the official websites, bringing a new virtual and immersive online experience with best commercial tire products.The immersive, 360-degree VR experience will allow users to experience each virtual tire up close. By moving forward and zooming around, users can explore tire details from different angles to get a real sense ...
Jan 15 , 2021
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ZC Rubber Launches New Flagship Series Passenger Car Tires
HANGZHOU, Dec. 29, 2020 - ZC Rubber, the world's 10th largest tire manufacturer, announced the launch of its new Flagship Series Passenger Car Tires at "Innovate into the Great Future", the official launch event in Hangzhou on December 29th.ZC Rubber unveiled the Flagship Series product line for its tire brands Chaoyang (Arisun), Westlake, Goodride, Trazano, ...
Jan 06 , 2021
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